Vyacheslav Vsevolodovich Ivanov

Director of the Institute of World Culture
Member of Russian Academy of Sciences


Curriculum Vitae

DATE OF BIRTH: August 21, 1929

Selected Publications (.doc)
Places of Employment:

Moscow State Lomonosov University (MGU); Institute of Slavic Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences; Russian State Humanities University (RGGU); University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), Department of Slavic Languages and Literatures and Indo-European Studies Program.

Educational History
  • High School, Moscow (1940-41, 1943-46, with honors).
  • M.A. Moscow State University, English Philology (1946-1951 with honors).
  • Ph.D. Moscow State University, Hittite and Indo-European Grammar,(1951-55).
  • University of Vilnius, Doctorate in Baltic and Indo-European Linguistics (1980).
Employment History
  • Professor, Russian Anthropological School of the Russian State Humanities University (RGGU), 2003-to present.
  • Professor, Department of Slavic Languages and Literatures and Program of Indo-European Studies, University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), December 1991 – present.
  • Professor, Department of Slavic Languages and Literatures, Stanford University, August 1990-November 1991.
  • Leading Research Fellow of the Institute of Slavic and Balkan Studies, Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow, 1989-present.
  • Director of the Research Institute of World Culture of the Moscow Lomonosov State University (MGU), 1989-present.
  • Chairman of the Department of Theory and History of World Culture and Professor, Philosophical Faculty, Moscow State University, 1989 – April, 1995.
  • Director of the All-Union Library of Foreign Literature, Moscow, December 1989 to October, 1993.
  • Professor, Archival and Historical Institute, Moscow, 1988- 1989.
  • Associate Professor, High Courses for the Cinema Scriptwriters, Moscow, 1965 – 1974.
  • Chairman of the Department of Structural Typology, Institute of Slavic and Balkan Studies, Academy of Sciences of the USSR, Moscow, 1963 – December, 1989.
  • Senior Research Fellow, Institute of Slavic and Balkan Studies, Academy of Sciences of the USSR, Moscow, 1961 – 1963.
  • Chairman of the Research Group for Automatic Translation, Institute of Computer Technology and Exact Mechanics, Academy of Sciences of the USSR,Moscow, 1959 – 1961.
  • Assistant Professor, Department of General Linguistics Laboratory for Automatic Translation, State Pedagogical Institute for Foreign Languages, Moscow, 1959-1961.
  • Senior Lecturer(1954 – 1958), Assistant Professor (1958 – 1959) Department of General and Comparative Linguistics, Moscow State University .
  • Research Fellow, Laboratory of Electronic Engineering Models, Academy of Sciences of the USSR, 1957 – 1959.
Visiting Professorship (Selected Data)
  • Visiting Scholar, Kluge Humanities Center, Library of Congress, Washington, D. C., Fall 2004
  • Distinguished Visiting Professor, Humanitiies Center and Russian Department, Grinnell College, Fall 2002.
  • Visiting Scholar, Library of Congress. Washington, D.C., Fall 1998.
  • Visiting Professor, Charles University, Prague, September 1997
  • Visiting Professor, Institute of Philosophy, Naples, April 1994
  • Visiting Professor, Slavic Department, Linguistics Department and Department of Comparative Literature, Stanford University, Winter 1989 and Spring 1990.
  • Visiting Professor, Slavic Department, University of Kiel, Federal Republic of Germany, Winter 1989 – 1990.
  • Visiting Professor, Department of Slavic Languages and Literatures, University of California, Los Angeles, Spring 1989.
  • Visiting Professor, Slavic Department, Bochum University, Federal Republic of Germany, Spring 1988 and Spring 1994.
  • Visiting Professor, Tartu State University, 1986.
  • Visiting Professor, State Pedagogical Institute, Tallinn,1985.
  • Visiting Professor, Tbilisi State University,1984.
  • Visiting Professor, Debrecen University, Debrecen, Hungary,1982.
  • Visiting Professor, Vilnius State University,1981.
  • Visiting Professor, Latvian State University, Riga,1973.
Public Service
  • Copenhagen Seminars Expert and Triglav group member/ United Nations Seminar of Experts on Cultural Problems in connection with the Copenhagen 1995 World Social Summit,Triglav (near Liubliana), Slovenia / Copenhagen, October 1994- to present.
  • Chair, Commision on Cultural Anthropology of the Russian Academy of Sciences Scholarly Concil of the World Culture, 1996-to present.
  • Member, Russian Presidential Committee on Culture and Arts, August,1996 – 1998.
  • Curator, Exhibition of the Russian Orthodox Church of Alaska Archives, Library of Congress, Washington, D.C., Spring – Fall, 1994
  • Member, Russian Presidential Commission for Pardon, September 1992 – October 1994.
  • Representative of the Russian Federation in the Supreme Soviet (Parliament), October – November 1991.
  • People’s Deputy of the USSR (Member of Congress), April, 1989 – December 1991.
  • Member of the Commission of the USSR Supreme Soviet on Language, Culture, National and International Traditions and Monuments, June 1989 – 1991.
  • President of the Translation Section of the USSR Writers’ Union, Moscow Section, 1988 – 1991
  • President of the Moscow Linguistic Society, 1988 – 1990.
  • Head of the Linguistic Division of the Governmental Scientific Council for the Study of the Problem of Consciousness, Moscow 1981 – 1987.
  • Co-Chair of the International Symposium for Baltic Linguistics, Vilnius, September, 1985.
  • Head of the Linguistic Section of the Scientific Council for Cybernetics, Academy of Sciences of the USSR, 1959 – 1963.
  • Chair of the Organizational Committee of the First Symposium for the Study of Sign Systems, USSR Academy of Sciences, Moscow, December, 1962.
  • Member, The Speech Section and the Commission for Applied Linguistics of the Committee for Acoustics, Academy of Sciences of the USSR, 1957 – 1961.
Honors and Awards
  • Member, Lithuanian Academy of Sciences April 2007
  • Foreign Member, Croatian Academy of Arts and Sciences, . May 2004
  • Prize of the Russian President for the contribution to Russian art and literature, February 2004
  • The Order of the Great Duke Gedimin ( Lithuanian Republic Decoration), August 2002.
  • Pasternak Literary Prize ( Moscow), June 2002.
  • Member, Latvian Academy of Sciences 2001
  • Member, The Council of Scholars of The John Kluge Humanities Center, The Library of Congress, 2001- 2005
  • Full Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, May 2000- to present.
  • Diploma of honor of “Revue de l’histoire ancienne” (“Vestnik drevnej istorii”), Moscow –1997.
  • UCLA Faculty Research Lecturer, Spring 1995.
  • Mongtomery Fellow, Dartmouth College, Fall 1995.
  • Prize for the best Zvezda publication (St. Petersburg) of 1995.
  • Member of the American Philosophical Society, 1994 – present.
  • Member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, 1993 – present.
  • President of the Booker Prize Russian Novel Committee, 1993.
  • Member of the Russian PEN-Club, 1992 – present.
  • Medal for the achievements in semiotics of the Institute of Semiotics of the Indiana University, Bloomington- March 1991.
  • Northrop Frye Professor of Comparative Literature, University of Toronto, Winter 1991.
  • Member of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences (RAEN), 1991 – present.
  • Member of the Council of Scholars, Library of Congress, 1990 -1995
  • The USSR Government State Prize for the book The Myths of the Peoples of the World,1990 (together with several coauthors).
  • Medal of the College de France, Paris- March, 1989.
  • Fox Fellow, Yale University, October, 1988.
  • The USSR Government Lenin Prize – for the monograph Indo-European and Indo-Europeans (in collaboration with T. V. Gamkrelidze), 1988.
  • Foreign Fellow of the British Academy, 1977 – present.
  • Honorary Member of the American Linguistic Society, 1967 – present.
Editorial and Publishing Work (Selected Data)
      coeditor of the books:
  • Henrik Birnbaum . IN Memoriam. Coed.: M.S.Flier, J.Schaken, D.S,Worth (International Journal of Slavic Linguistics and Poetics, XLIV-XLV]), 2006,
  • “UCLA Slavic Studies”, vol. 4 “Speculum Slaviae Orientalis” (coed. Yulia Verkholantsev, members of the editorial board of the series: H.Andersen, A.Ospovat, R. Vrooon), Moscow, 2005.
  • “UCLA Indo-European Studies”, vol.2. Richards, R.O. The Pannonian Slavic dialect of the common Slavic proto-language. Los Angeles, 2003 (coeditor: Prof. Brent Vine);
  • Chairman, Editorial Board, “Journal of Linguistic relationship” (International journal, Moscow).2008
  • Member of the Editorial board, “Russian Journal of Communication”, 2008
  • Coeditor of linguistic articles, Journal of Indo-European Studies (Washington, D.C. : Institute for the Study of Man), 2000-present
  • Member of the Editorial Board, Star (Zvezda), St.-Petersburg, 1999-present
  • Member of the international editorial board, Interdisciplinary Journal of Germanic Linguistics and Semiotic Analysis (University of California, Berkeley), Spring, 1996 – 1999
  • Editorial Board member, Experiment. A Journal of Russian Culture. Institute of Modern Russian Culture, Los Angeles, 1995- present.
  • Advisory Board Member of the Eisenstein Center of Cinema Cultural Studies and of the journal, Cinema Studies Notes (Kinovedcheskie zapiski), Moscow, 1993 –present.
  • Editorial Board member, Slavic Review, 1993-1996.
  • Editor, Elementa. Journal of Slavic Studies and Comparative Cultural Semiotics, (New York, Gordon and Breach Academic Publishers), Spring 1992 -2000.
  • Advisory Editorial Board Member, The Continent, Moscow-Paris, 1992 to present
  • Editorial Board Member, Foreign Literature (Inostrannaia Literatura), Moscow, 1992 –to present
  • Editorial Board Member, Encyclopedia of Linguistics, Edinburgh, 1991 – 1993.
  • Editorial board member, Scale (Diapazon), Moscow, 1991-1993
  • Editorial Board member, Banner (Znamia), Moscow, 1990- 1994
  • Editorial Board member, Symbol (Simvol), Paris, 1989- 1993
  • Coeditor, Razvitie etnicheskogo samosoznanija slavjanskix narodov v epoxu razvitogo feodalizma (The Growth of the Ethnic consciousness of the Slavic peoples in the period of the late Feudalism), Moscow :Nauka, 1989.
  • Editorial Board Member, Daugava, Riga, 1988 – 1990.
  • Editor-in-Chief, Baltic and Slavic Studies, Moscow, 1980 to present
  • Advisory Editorial Council Member, Linguistic Inquiry, Cambridge, Mass., 1978 – 1986.
  • Editorial Board member, Journal of Indo-European Studies, 1971 –2000.
  • Advisory Editorial Board Member, Poetics, 1977 – 1981.
  • Editorial Board Member, Acta Linguistica Hafniensia, Copenhagen,1971 – 1980.
  • Editorial Board Member, Works on Semiotics, Tartu, 1964 to 1990; 2001- present.
  • Editorial Board Member, Problems of Linguistics(Voprosy jazykoznanija), Moscow, (also an assistant editor)1955 – 1959, 1988 –1993, 2002- present.
  • Editorial board Member, The Journal of the University of Moscow, series of history and philology (Vestnik Moskovskogo universiteta) 1957-1958.
Selected Publications (.doc)